Material Instructions for Rakennusfakta-newsletter

Päivämäärä: 28.2.2024

General Information about reservations and deadlines

The newsletter materials must be delivered one and a half weeks before the newsletter goes out. If the materials are not delivered on time, your place may be given to another customer. Be sure to remember your reservation, because if your reservation is for example, for week 37, the materials must be delivered during week 35 and no later than the beginning of week 36. Exceptions in the newsletter schedule are indicated in the list below.

If you cannot use your reservation, please cancel your reservation in time so that we may book another customer in your place.

If you have any questions, want to make a reservation or cancel one, or need any help with your materials, contact: [email protected].

Materials for newsletter:

Small image:
600x400 px (landscape).
One image is scaled down for email.
(example of file name: name_600x400.jpg)

Large image:
Max 1200x600 px (horizontal).
Additional pictures can also be added to the news. See the image carousel above, the carousel images must be horizontal. (example of file name: name_1200x600.jpg)

Title: Max 45 characters including spaces. (All characters, including spaces)
Summary: Max 80 characters including spaces. (The text below the small picture. Note! All characters, including spaces)
Main text: 300-400 words. The text field is flexible, so this is only a guideline.
URL: Link where you want the reader to click from the news. (Button with a link "Additional information")

Got a video? Great, let's include it! A video from, for example, YouTube or Vimeo can also be embedded in the news.


The newsletter is sent weekly from weeks 3 to 50, excluding July, when the newsletter only goes out on weeks 27 and 29. Remember to book your newsletter spots in advance for the entire year, so that everything will be used for sure. Also mark your calendar.

Where do I send the materials? How do I reschedule my reservation?

To reschedule or cancel, and to deliver the materials, send a message to the Rakennusfakta-team as soon as possible at [email protected]. You can also reach us through RPT's customer service by phone at 09-809911.

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