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Päivämäärä: 2.1.2014

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Sensitive: The deluxe modules are touchscreen operated. 
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Design and functional versatility: Two housing colours and a range of different surface finishes allow the panels to blend into any individual design concept. They can be mounted on the wall or on a table-top. The table base is available in black, white and stainless steel.<!-- FldEndCAPTION -->
A video panel with a screen diagonal of 17.8 centimetres (7 inches) is the new top model among the Siedle indoor call stations. Its characteristic features are the large-scale monitor and a touchscreen in the deluxe models.

Impressive features of the monitor include brilliant picture reproduction. At the same time, it acts as an interface for operation of the standard model using the cross-shaped control element, and of the deluxe model using the touchscreen. The dual loudspeaker technology takes care of optimum acoustic quality.


Siedle equips all its panels with the new large-format displays. The panels come with integrated video memory and can be used to initiate switching functions, for example for controlling lighting or shading.

The deluxe panel is distinguished from the standard model predominantly by its extended functionality and capacitative touchscreen. It can be used to actuate up to 15 switching functions. The internal video memory can be upgraded using the supplied SD card, and is able to store sequences of up to six pictures per door call. The deluxe panel shows up to 15 messages, for example either missed door calls or messages from the mail notification system or movement sensor module. It comes with integrated Doormatic and intercom functionality.

The standard model is the right choice for those interested in a large video image but who do not require the extended functionality of the deluxe panel. Up to eight functions including Doormatic and internal telephony can be operated using several buttons and the cross-shaped control element.

Simple installation and operation

The panels are available for the In-Home bus installation system and form a part of Siedle's indoor station portfolio. They share many of their excellent features such as surface mounting, simple commissioning and scope for design variety. Using an accessory, the panels can be transformed into a table-top device with facility for adjustment to an optimum reading angle. The installation has been meticulously thought through: At the building site stage, only the base plate is screwed into place and the wiring carried out. The final device is only clipped into place briefly prior to completion, and the call buttons are then quickly assigned using plug & play technology.

Design diversity

Devices made of black or white plastic form the basis and at the same time are the least expensive variant at the entry level. The design is individualized by facing panels: They are made of aluminium or stainless steel which can be chrome or gold plated or given a paintwork finish. The display is integrated flush with the surface.

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