Renovation with respect, consideration, and new sustainable solutions

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wedi solves the challenges of wet rooms. Bindesbøll Byen from 1850 has been renovated with respect, consideration, and new sustainable solutions - Landsbyggefonden has supported and wedi has solved the wet room problem

Bindesbøll Byen in Risskov north of Aarhus is an exciting new residential area, set up in the former psychiatric hospital built in 1850 and designed by Gottlieb Bindesbøll. The architecture is in a class of its own, worthy of preservation, and the 18,500 square meter buildings contain more than 230 new homes with sizes from one to four rooms.

Located in beautiful Risskov, with only five minutes' transport to the forest and beach and only a quarter of an hour to Aarhus Cathedral, is completely unique.

wedi ensured the correct drop and as gentle renovation methods as possible

Everything in the old buildings is renovated from a to z, and wet rooms in particular are a challenge here, as the buildings' load-bearing elements and existing floor heights must be respected. Central and decentralized drains are used in this construction, as it is not possible to move or adapt the supporting beams, which is why the location of the drain is adapted to the location of the existing beams in each bathroom. This ensures the conservation-worthy buildings future.

Landsbyggefonden has chosen to support this very special project, and with the experience gained from this exciting construction, this could benefit future renovation tasks now that new solutions and flexible methods have proven possible.

Fundo Primo laid the foundation

The solutions from wedi for all wet rooms have been crucial to the success of the large project.

The wet rooms required light and safe materials; because there were very special considerations to take in the protected buildings. It was important that no interventions were made in the joists and rafters. Level differences had to be taken into account, for no desired steps or recesses in connection with wet rooms.

The desire to choose materials with limited waste and great sustainability was great, and wedi's Fundo Primo floor system could honor all of this. In all bathrooms, 90 x 90 cm wedi drop panels have been used, which, like a puzzle, have undergone specific adaptations to fit the individual rooms. The drop was thus easy to incorporate. the wedi drop plates for this project are specially designed so that the desired drop structure was designed from the factory. Likewise, a 2-sided corner drop plate became one of the key points in the project.

'It has been a pleasure to be a supplier for this project with 231 bathrooms, and to make the work run smoothly; We taught the wedi construction of the first bathroom, and then the subsequent ones went smoothly, both due to the skilled craftsmen and of course also the well-tested wedi products. In addition to the Fundo Primo floor system and the specially adapted wedi drop panels, wedi 140 Primer, wedi 320 tile adhesive and wedi 610 adhesive and sealant were used in the project,' explains Henrik Ohrt, Sales and Project Manager at wedi, Denmark.

Henrik has a solid background as a carpenter and construction technician, and for him there is no doubt that the flexibility of the Fundo Primo floor system has been crucial for the great result that the future residents of the nearly 200-year-old construction now can look forward to well into the future.

Main contractor: MTHøjgaard
Builders: AAB Arbejdernes Andels Boligforening
Architect: ERIKarchitects
The project is supported by Landsbyggefonden

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Floor element: Fundo Primo

Fundo Primo is a classic floor element, as we all know it from mom and dad.

can be used in Nordic Swan eco-labelled constructions
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