Design surfaces for an exclusive shower

Päivämäärä: 13.5.2024

Get style and unique durability with wedi Marble

Imagine achieving that spa feeling every time you open the door to the bathroom and look at a world of beautiful colours and stylish marble-look finishes – The feeling of taking a shower will be lifted, as if you were the beautiful Venus, born from the spray of the sea.

It IS possible to combine design and function. When you choose wedi Top Line for the design of the bathroom, the market's best functionality and the most beautiful finish are included in the purchase, so no need to worry - Top Line is long-lasting, even when you want to create a beautiful, atmospheric room.

Because in the functional bathroom, where all surfaces must be able to withstand wear, water, and soap, it is important that the quality of the surface is top notch. The seamless design surfaces from wedi are available in 12 different colours, which are easy to match into any modern home style.

The material in the design surfaces is based on reusable and natural elements, and therefore the surfaces appear alive and unique, while being extremely durable and anti-bacterial.

The beautiful finish of the marble with unsurpassed durability

The beautiful Top Line designs wedi Top Wall Marble and wedi Fundo Top Marble are available in 'Marble white', 'Marble grey-beige', 'Marble grey-brown' and 'Marble black'. They give the bath a touch of luxury, which brings all the senses towards a luxurious spa experience.

Traditional marble is sensitive to cleaning agents, and it can be difficult, if not impossible, to work with marble, due to weight and the difficult and time-consuming adaptation. With wedi Top Line marble, on the other hand, most design options are possible.

The design surfaces come in several different widths of 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and in the height 2600 mm, which makes it is easy to adapt wedi Top Line to virtually any project, whether you need to install a bath in a multi-storey building or a summer house or buildings in which it is difficult to obtain the necessary access with building materials.

It is well thought out that floor systems Fundo Primo, Fundo Ligno Plus (which is a point drain) and wedi Fundo Riolito Neo (linear drain) fit the Top Line series. Drain covers in the same design can ensure that the grate in the floor becomes almost invisible.

Create the dream of the luxurious bathroom for everyday life

The wedi Top-Line range allows for a wide combination of wedi’s other product, so there are numerous options not only for colour and texture, but also for accessories such as shelves, niches, or benches, etc. Only the imagination sets limits on how the dream of a beautiful and stylish bathroom can be made into your new reality. Every day.

Explore the Top Line range:

  • wedi Top Wall wall panels can be installed on all underlying surfaces.
  • wedi Fundo Top makes it easy to get a shower niche with a non-slip tread and fits wedi's floor systems.
  • wedi Sanoasa Top in the good Top Line quality. Fits as covering on Sanoasa bench model 3.
  • wedi Sanwell Top LED Niche provides seamless and illuminated shelf storage.
  • wedi Sanwell Top Niche enables a beautifully integrated shelf in the bath.
  • wedi I-board Top Ready-to-install front wall cladding for wedi I-Board (toilet cover plate), for places where hygiene must be top notch.


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